4:44 Album – Infidelity and Forgiveness

infidelity & Forgiveness

What would you do if your were cheated on?

Sometimes in our podcasts we like to look at current events in the area of relationship, and see what can be learned from them. The most recent current event is centered around Jay Z’s newly released album, 4:44. Since its release there has been much discussion around infidelity and forgiveness. 4:44 Album - Infidelity and Forgiveness These discussions have swayed on both sides of the spectrum. Some believe that Beyoncé shouldn’t forgive Jay Z, and should file for divorce.  Others believe that they should work it out, and remain together. What say you?

How do you deal with infidelity and forgiveness?

Is infidelity the unforgivable act within a marriage?

Even within the Christian community there are conflicting feelings towards infidelity and forgiveness. The Bible is very clear when it comes to divorce. There is very little wiggle room which allows for divorce. One of those causes his infidelity. Though God allows divorce under the circumstance of infidelity, does God approve of it?

Should someone stay and try to work it out even though they are biblically free to divorce?

In this episode we will discuss the 4:44 album, infidelity and forgiveness, and how God would like us to approach the subject.

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace & Keonte McDonald

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