How Long Should You Wait For A Marriage Proposal? – Bacherlorette Finale

how long should you wait marriage proposal

Is there a time table of when a person should or shouldn’t propose?

Can a couple get married to quickly? Is it possible for a couple to take too long for a marriage proposal? In this year’s Bacherlorette Finale there was more drama around the proposal that “didn’t” happen verses the one that did. Whether you are a Bacherlorette watcher or not many can relate to the question of how long should you wait for a marriage proposal?

What happened?

Hundreds of thousands of people tuned in to watch the bachelorette finale only to find a heart wrenching back-and-forth between Rachel and Peter, and the proposal that did not happen. If you’re not familiar with the show in it a single woman (the bachelorette) will be courted by several single men. Normally the finale ends with a proposal by the final lucky bachelor chosen by the bachelorette.

Yet, in this year’s finale Rachel (the bachelorette) desired to choose Peter her winner, but Peter felt unsettled to propose to a woman he had only known for six weeks. A back and forth drama played out for several minutes, until they both walked away unresolved. In the end Rachel chose another guy; who did propose.

This begs the question of how long is too long to wait for a proposal.

There are those who are in relationships for several years, but no proposal for marriage. On the other hand, there are those who have barely known each other a week and they go off to get married.

What is the right approach? How sudden should a marriage proposal be presented in a relationship? How long should a woman wait to be proposed to? In this relationship podcast episode we will try to use the hot topic of the bachelorette to discuss these issues.

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace & Keonte McDonald

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