Talking About Sex With Your Kids

sex talk with kids

I think everyone dreads the SEX TALK with kids

When it comes to talking about sex and relationships with kids, where do you start; when do you start? Kids are learning about sex from television, internet, peers, & social media, but is it correct information? Is that information building a healthy view of sex. Most likely it’s not, but who wants to have the sex talk with kids?

If your kids are to learn a healthy view of sex, and avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy sexual practices, it is critical that it comes from you.

Waiting until they are in High School is too late. In this relationship podcast episode we invited Mr. J (Johnnell Williams) to be a guest host, and share his experience. Mr. J has been involved with Youth Ministry for over 30 years, and has worked closely with the abstinence program, True Love Waits for over 10 years.

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace (@BrianEWallace) & Mr J

Links discussed in the show.

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