Should Christians Date (Part 1 of 2)?


This week in our relationship podcast we discussed dating, and the heavily debated topic of should Christians date?


Recently this topic has received more attention, because Joshua Harris, the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, publicly apologized to some who were negatively impacted by his book. For those not familiar with Joshua’s book, he wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye in 1997; when he was 21 years old. His book painted a negative picture of dating, and highlighted courtship only. There is nothing wrong with a courtship approach to relationships, but should dating in the process be demonized, or should opening your heart up to different people while searching be taboo? Unfortunately as a result of this book some people felt like they missed important parts of social interactions, and others felt pressured to marry the first person they became affectionate with.

should-christians-dateIs dating sin? Should Christians date? Was Joshua right or wrong in his view towards dating?

What does God say about this topic, and how should Christians approach dating? We will discuss these questions and more in a two part podcast series.

Part 1 will focus mainly on Joshua Harris, the cultural impact of his book, and whether his position on dating was right or wrong.

Look for Part 2 the following week where we will discuss dating in more detail, key spiritual principles surrounding dating, and how Christians should approach it.

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace and Keonte McDonald

If you are looking for more information on this topic; please listen to our podcast “Emotional Rollercoaster.” We share important steps to avoid some of the ups and downs in relationships. This is especially important if you choose to date.


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