How to Stop Making Bad Choices in Relationships?

How is it that we know what God wants us to do in relationships, or in the relationship process, but still we don’t do it? We see or feel what we want at the moment, and we go for it!

Wanting what God wants isn’t enough. Showing up to church or reading your Bible isn’t enough.heart You have to value what God wants. Think about how you treat things you value? You are cautious with them, and go through great lengths to protect them. Most decisions we make in life are based on our values. Our values shape our lives. How we practice theology, the careers we choose, and even the choices we make in relationships. Some people make bad choices in relationships, because they value looks over personality.

If you want to better understand who you are, and the choices you make look at your values.

You hold on to what you value even if it isn’t good for you. If your desire is to make better decisions in relationships then go beyond knowing God’s will, and value it. If you want to hear more about this topic watch my latest video as I discussed, “wanting what God wants for you in relationships.”

Pastor Brian Wallace

Article by PastorWallace

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