Why Am I Angry? Anger Management

anger management

How are you dealing with anger management within your relationship?

Do you ever ask, “Why Am I Angry?” Anger is a part of life; there’s no way of getting around it! Someone or something is going to make you angry at some point. Though you may express your anger differently than others, and though you may stay calm and not shout when angry. Your anger can be destructive. People’s inability to channel their anger in a constructive manner causes marriages to split, parent and child relationships to strain, and individuals to become violent.

Do you desire for your anger to be constructive? Is anger management even possible?

Learning how to channel your anger in useful ways begins with understanding why you are angry. This goes beyond just the person or act, but it’s understanding you and what is happening deep inside of you. In his book Good & Angry, David Powlison explores key aspects of anger. I will discuss some of the key principle Powlison mentions in his book along with personal life lessons in this weeks¬†relationship podcast episode, Why Am I Angry.

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Hosted Pastor Brian Wallace


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  1. Ebony June 18, 2017 Reply

    Dear Pastor B. Wallace, you delivered a timely and convicting message once again ! I think this emotion of anger is pretty common rather it be in our personal / relational or in our professional lives. This message gave me a lot to reflect on , and something I will pray about in my life . I like how you noted that we need to ask God to ” protect ” our minds. It is very easy for the enemy to use this emotion and get a foot hold especially in our minds and how we react to those in our lives we are angry at. I also think that ” fear” also creeps up and a ” sister ” emotion- as it relates to anger. I have held on this acronym ( I once heard) ” H.A.L.T ” don’t make any major decisions or become reactive when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired! ( I think if this as it pertains to our romantic relationships as well).

    Be Blessed.

  2. BJ July 19, 2017 Reply

    I listened to the podcast when it was originally published; however, I did have to go back and listen to the podcast on anger again today because of a situation that just happened to me with a person who considers themselves to be a leader at church. I became so angry at how I felt they wronged me and yet they lead “praise and worship” every Sunday and they’re alright with what they did. The kind of woman that I am (not perfect by any means) but sweet, kind, loving, giving, meek and I try to stay humble. I love to serve if I am able to because that is what I was taught growing up. What I do not like is to be taken advantage of… for my kindness to be mistaken as a weekness bothers me. I have given this person the benefit of the doubt, but they showed themselves to have a blatant disregard for the truth and for what is right. They really think that they have gotten over on me and I am to remain silent and not say anything about what was done to me. The way I feel when thinking about the situation, is not a good feeling. You asked the question, what do you care about? I honestly always think about others and rarely think about myself. So, this may seem selfish, but in this particular situation, I care about me and all the good that God has created within me. Who I am and how I am meant to live my life is extremely important to me. So when someone does something that is hurtful or harmful which causes anger that can be problematic. I know that when people do wrong to us, if we are not careful, then we can allow the wrong doing to chip away at the very being of who God intends for us to be for Him and His Glory. Gods plan and His purpose for our lives will fall right through the cracks because our foundation is not strong enough. I am very conscious of this in my life and always seek to respond in a way that is godly. Even before listening to the podcast again, I have been praying about the situation, surrendering the situation to God, because my human nature in anger do not want to handle it righteously, but I remind myself that I am called by His name, so I choose God over my anger of this situation. I desire to surround myself with good people who will uplift and not tear me down just because they think they can. Pastor Wallace, please pray for me because this situation is really testing me. I did not realize that this podcast would be so helpful a month later, so thank you for recording it. Also, I previewed the book you recommended and just from the little that I read, it seems to be a good book. I believe it will be a good book (resource) as a MFT and Christian Counselor, so thank you for sharing.

    • Pastor B Wallace July 24, 2017 Reply

      You are very welcome. I praise God for the opportunity to share and to be of help. May God continue to give you strength to be a light for Him.

      ~ Pastor Wallace

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